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Substance Abuse Disorder Counselor

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Substance Abuse Disorder Counselor in Los Angeles County

  • CRI-Help, Inc.
  • Full time
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  • Los Angeles County
  • 06/09/2018
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North Hollywood non-profit Drug and Alcohol Treatment program seeks a full-time substance abuse disorder counselor who will assist clients in discovering a way of life that can be lived without the use of chemicals, while supporting clients through the recovery process.


The counselor will be required to:

  • Keep a schedule of regular counseling appointments with clients and be available for non-scheduled counseling or crisis counseling as needed.
  • Complete a bio-psycho-social assessment for each client. From the assessment, develop a treatment plan which includes goals and objectives. Through progress notes and other documentation, show progress or lack of progress the client is making towards achievement of those goals.
  • Attend weekly case conferences to discuss clients’ progress in relation to their treatment plans. Identify problems and achievements through staff discussion.
  • Attend weekly meetings with the treatment team. The focus will be continued training regarding systems, procedures and policies of CRI-Help.
  • Act as a liaison between clients and other service agencies involved in clients’ treatment, such as probation, parole, DPSS, EDD, DVR, referring case managers and insurance providers.
  • Make occasional court appearances.
  • Attend, and actively participate in, monthly in-service training sessions.
  • Facilitate groups and educational classes as assigned by Director of Client Services.
  • Provide each client with an individualized continuing Care Plan.
  • Complete all necessary documentation in a timely manner, including progress notes, discharge summaries, aftercare plans, etc.
  • Provide family support and education through conjoint sessions as well as via family groups.
  • Interface with all staff regarding client treatment issues.
  • Participate in fundraising events and other activities as directed by CRI-Help.
  • Facilitate bi-monthly family groups.
  • Facilitate in-house Step Study groups.
  • Facilitate therapy groups to the level of Recovery Process 2.
  • Provide psychotherapy and work with dually diagnosed clients.


Skills and Knowledge Required:

  • Must be knowledgeable in identifying patterns common to the population.
  • Must have the ability to document client activities and carry out written assignments as required.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Due to the program philosophy, the CDW must have a strong understanding of the Narcotics Anonymous and / or Alcoholics Anonymous programs (The Twelve Steps).
  • Must have the ability to establish a genuine therapeutic relationship with the client.
  • Must possess the knowledge and ability to use counseling techniques to educate, elicit feelings, facilitate self-understanding, and motivate the client.
  • Must be able to act as a case manager, coordinating a continuum of treatment and services for clients.


Experience and Education:

  • Must be a certified chemical dependency counselor with CCAPP or CADTP.


Special Conditions

  • If a recovering addict or alcoholic, must be clean from all drugs and alcohol for at least 18 months, and must be willing to periodically submit to drug use detection testing.

CRI-Help, Inc.

CRI-Help, Inc., an organization established in 1971, maintains as its mission an increasing commitment to: the belief that addiction is a treatable disease; provide programs of treatment, education, prevention, counseling and rehabilitation for chemically dependent individuals and their families; im...

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