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Health Integration Specialist

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Health Integration Specialist in Los Angeles County

  • Clinica Romero
  • Full time
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  • Los Angeles County
  • 21/10/2019
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This position is responsible for managing internal and external referrals to the Substance Use Disorder Department, providing general information about the process of becoming a patient to interested parties, improving interdepartmental communication within Clinica Romero, providing outside resources to patients currently being seen in the Substance Use Disorder Department, and assists potential patients with obtaining insurance benefits if potential patient meets requirements. Documents and provides SUD staff with eligibility information before potential patient has been referred to department. Conducts follow up’s and communicates with SUD staff appointment information. Provides screenings and assessments.  


  • Participates as directed in the screening of new SUD referrals within/outside the clinic by means of an agency approved procedure which ensures that all individuals are adequately and appropriately served according to their individual needs and in accordance with existing board policies and procedures.
  • Provides support to medical providers and Clinica staff by assisting with warm hand offs.
  • Provides on-going supportive and/or case management functions assisting other Substance Use Disorder Staff to equip their patients with needed internal and external resources.
  • Documents all service contacts on a timely basis including face-to-face assessments, screenings, case management, correspondence and maintains the case records in accordance with agency and regulatory standards and requirements. 
  • Work with Mental Health Department to screen mental health referrals and act as a liaison for SUD and BH collaboration.
  • Meets regularly with the Program Director as a means of enhancing professional growth, reviewing and processing the provision of case management services, and dealing with appropriate administrative issues.
  • Participate in community outreach work to connect patients in the community to our SUD services.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the program director which are consistent with the position and in compliance with agency policies and procedures.
  • Documents outcome/progress to insure the grant requirements are being met. Communicates with SUD Program Director progress and needs related to grant.
  • Performs other duties assigned by Program Director.  
  • Provides assessment’s and provides SUD staff with documented patient screenings and assessment’s.
  • Insures patient has benefits to assist with program services, checks eligibility and works with potential patient in regard to obtaining benefit if patient meets requirements
  • Attends SUD trainings and staff meetings


  • Must possess a human services work experience or relevant education, and training which indicates the possession of knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform essential job duties.
  • Establish effective working relationships with internal agency staff as well as with relevant community organizations; interact positively with consumers and their families, work as a team member
  • Communicate effectively, verbally and in writing, to maintain confidentiality, and to work independently under general supervision.

Observes CMOAR policy/procedures regarding conduct in the work place:

  • Observe regulations on time card use and reporting
  • Maintain attendance as per policy
  • Maintain a clean and safe work area.
  • Observe Fire and Safety policy and procedures.
  • Observe general Safety/Employee Health policies and procedures.
  • Maintain a current annual health screening.
  • Observe CMOAR Appearance/Dress standards
  • Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of neighborhood committee members with regard to personal records and program issues development.
  • Display clearly visible identification.
  • Treats all employees, clients, neighborhood committee members with respect, dignity and in a courteous and professional manner in accordance to non-discriminatory policies and procedures.

Clinica Romero

Our mission is to provide quality, affordable, and culturally-sensitive health care and other services to the underserved communities of Greater Los Angeles regardless of their ability to pay by upholding the legacy and tradition of MonseƱor Oscar A. Romero. We are driven to educate and empower S...

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