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Addictions Counselor I OP

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Addictions Counselor I OP in Santa Clara County

  • Momentum for Mental Health
  • Full time
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  • Santa Clara County
  • 07/10/2019
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**(Position within Addiction Treatment Services Shift Mon-Fri 9:30am - 6:00pm. Thursday 10:30am -7:00pm)**

1. Assist clients in navigation within the community, referral to various county agencies, community organizations, accessing benefits, personal medical services and case management. 
  a. Establish links and working relationships with appropriate service providers, community agencies, and educational institutions. 
b. Encourage families to make use of all of their identified resources. 
c. Assist in a variety of support activities including client support groups and client recovery. 
d. Provide client assistance and mentoring on a one-to-one basis.*

2. Establish a comfortable working relationship with all of the program participants (clients) and their families at the time of client enrollment.*

3. Act as a liaison/advocate to ensure that the collaborative networks in the community are providing services in a respectful, user friendly and welcoming way. 
a. Communicate, represent and promote the client perspective within the mental health system. 
b. Assist the multidisciplinary team in identifying the strengths and needs of the community networks. 
c. Advocate for clients in a strength-based wellness and recovery plan. 
d. Develop effective working relationships with agencies and organizations to advocate for consumer and family/caregiver empowerment including self-help and relapse prevention and recovery movements. 
e. Advocate that clients’ needs are met by appropriate caregivers. 
f. Attend case conferences.

4. Provide counseling, support group facilitation and case management services as needed.

5. Promote relapse prevention, recovery and support networks.*

6. Provide outreach to clients in the community.*

7. Confer with program staff and professional staff to assist in evaluating client needs or problems.

8. Work a flexible schedule as required by responsibilities of the position.

9. Attend and participate in staff, program, agency and community meetings as required, requested or assigned.

10. Provide backup support for crises.*

11. Complete documentation and maintain clients’ files in accordance with program policies and funding source requirements.*

12. Provide transportation in personal or agency vehicles including, but not limited to, the transportation of clients and/or program supplies for agency business.*

13. Perform related work as assigned. KNOWLEDGE, SKILL AND ABILITIES REQUIRED: (E = Essential; D = Desired) 
2. High School diploma, GED, or equivalent education. (E) Personal experience in an addictions treatment setting preferred. (D) Human services experience such as facilitating groups; developing consumer-run, self-help activities; providing peer support. (D)

3. Personal experience receiving addiction treatment and recovery services and willingness to share that perspective with others within the context of providing peer support. (E)

4. Registration as Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician (RADT) (E), or certification as CADC I/II (D)

5. Proven problem-solving skills and abilities. (E)

6. Ability to manage multiple tasks and demands. (E)

7. Ability to engage and communicate effectively (E)

8. Demonstrated ability to: 
a. Work independently and in a small team environment. (E) 
b. Engage and communicate effectively with others in both verbal and written English. (E) 
c. Monitor and support developmental growth and the recovery process. (E) 
d. Employ tact and diplomacy, exercise good judgment, and act calmly in emergency situations. (E) 
e. Work from a strengths-based, harm-reduction, social rehabilitation model. (E) 
f. Work effectively with persons differing in value systems, ethnicity, cultural backgrounds, language capabilities and disabilities. (E)

9. Work collaboratively with individuals identified as those with substance use concerns who meet the following criteria: histories of hospitalization, institutionalization, mental illness, low engagement in medication treatment, and difficulty in participating in structured activities and living independently. (E)

10. Work with populations identified as high risk and/or considered under-represented in the County Mental Health/Alcohol and Substance use system, with multiple barriers. (E)

Hourly Rate is $25.06

$25.06 Hourly

Momentum for Mental Health

Momentum for Mental Health exists to help individuals achieve mental and emotional health, discover and reach their potential, and fully participate in life.

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