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Substance Abuse Certified/Registered Counselor CEN

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Substance Abuse Certified/Registered Counselor CEN in Los Angeles County

  • Los Angeles County
  • 07/06/2019
  • Report

Client Engagement and Navigation Services (CENS) will focus on achieving engagement with the clients, determining which SUD services are most appropriate for individuals based on an ASAM brief triage assessment for adults and an evidence-based screening tool for youth, motivating the individual to connect with the selected treatment provider, and ensuring that these individuals have the necessary support (e.g., transportation) and health coverage (e.g., Medi-Cal or My Health LA) to successfully connect with these treatment services.

Additionally, the CENS will establish and maintain linkages to additional services to appropriately refer clients to service providers that address unmet needs that create barriers to successfully engaging in SUD treatment, such as poor health, domestic violence, and homelessness.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assist clients in entering data in the Department of Public Social Services YourBenefitsNow! – Website for Medi-Cal enrollment or contacting a My Health LA provider to schedule an enrollment appointment.
  • Provide clients with a basic overview of SUD in order to increase the likelihood of a client’s understanding and follow-through with treatment.
  • Discuss the steps to take in case of relapse, including overdose prevention; provide HIV/AIDS education and referrals for HIV testing and treatment services; and discuss the availability of medication-assisted treatment for alcohol and opioid use disorders.
  • Conduct an ASAM triage assessment to determine if the adult client is in need of SUD treatment and the provisional level of care to which the client will be referred.
  • May also conduct additional assessments for ancillary service referrals if they have not already been conducted by the referring case worker, including, but not be limited to, vocational rehabilitation, education, transportation, housing, physical health, and other public social services.
  • Use the Youth and Parent screening tool to determine SUD risks for youth clients and refer them to the nearest appropriate youth outpatient SUD providers, based on client preference and need, for further assessment as appropriate.
  • Scheduling clients for a full ASAM assessment with a SUD treatment provider that matches the client’s needs and preferences using SAPC’s electronic Service and Bed Availability Tool (SBAT).
  • Responsible for entering data into SAPC’s electronic health record system so that client information is provided to the treatment provider before the client appears for the appointment, if possible.
  • Responsible for contacting clients to remind them of their upcoming provider appointments and will coordinate transportation to the SUD treatment provider, if needed.
  • Responsible for conducting community outreach, and participation in job and health fairs to promote public awareness about substance use disorders and to inform consumers about SUD treatment options available through DMC-ODS

Certified or registered with a CA State Accredited Certification Organization for Substance Use Treatment by DHCS for SUD counselors who utilize a patient-centered and biopsychosocial approach to assist clients in accessing SUD treatment and other ancillary services. Licensed Practitioners of the Healing Arts (LPHAs) may also be utilized by the CENS.

Job Type: Full-time

Locaton: Pico Rivera, CA



CHCADA seeks to provide culturally competent bi-cultural, bilingual,and monolingual services that will reduce the environmental vulnerability of low –income Latinos and other marginalized populations in California and throughout the United States. CHCADA also provides organizational development an...

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