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Registered and/or Certified Substance Abuse Counse

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Registered and/or Certified Substance Abuse Counse in *Multiple Locations

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  • *Multiple Locations
  • 31/10/2019
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We are looking to hire a Substance Use Disorder Counselor to join our team!!

The Counselor shall be qualified to conduct educational sessions. A background showing experience and/or education with the helping professions and/or law enforcement is desirable along with up to date training in the field of alcohol and or drug abuse. The group leader must have suffiecient skills in the ability to control a group setting, be the mediator for group interaction, and engage clients. The group leader must have a clear understanding of how to work with people with substance abuse problems and aid them in their efforts to overcome such difficulties. When conducting educational sessions, the instructor will be responsible for lecturing the required topics given by ABC Programs-they are to lecture and educate clients in specified topic.

The Counselor may also fill the role of case manager, in which position the interviewer/case manager must be able to assist a client in overcoming any problems prompted by their use of alcohol and/or drugs. He/she must be familiar with local organizations capable of providing assistance beyond the capability of the ABC Programs. The candidate will be personable, and should have the ability to undertand, guide and help the client reach a goal of sobriety. He/she will be able to provide a client with any necesary reference materials and information needed for his/her recovery. He/she will be expected to write reports, maintain the necessary forms in client files and keep up to date on the latest decelopments in the field of alcohol and drug abuse.

Qualifications: Registered Drug & Alcohol Counselor and/or Registration as an Intern upon hiring. 

Bilingual English/Spanish is a pluis!!


If interested, please email your resume to [email protected]

ABC Programs

ABC's primary goal is to provide quality services that consist of education and prevention, intervention, individual and group counseling, and referrals to ongoing community resources and further treatment when applicable. We are here to aid individuals convicted of driving-under-the-influence under...

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